Art of Good Learning 3 – Your Mental Fortress

I just want to quote this part from Chapter 31 Your Mental Fortress : The Wheel of Fortune in this post :-

…..what can’t be taken from you are your thoughts, your mental tools……….. You can call this space your mental fortress – a piece of freedom that can never be assailed.

I bring this up because some students think that having a belt, a grade, a title, a lineage would somehow justify or make their Tai Chi skills better.

I am sorry to say that no belt, no grade, no certificate, no lineage can save you if you do not practice. However, once you do and you gain the skills it is yours forever. No one can take the skill away from you unless you are somehow incapacitated physically or mentally. This is why you don’t get the trappings of a cult in my class. In fact, there is no class, only 1-to-1 transmission without the frills, bells and whistles, and light show.

So do yourself a favor and begin practicing today if you are not already doing so. Time passes by very quickly and if you keep postponing your serious practice before you know it you have already let years go by and you are still basically nowhere near mastery.


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