Two Amigos 2

This is not the topic we started with. What we started with led to the topic in this video which is about position.

The thing about position is we don’t want to be the mantis in Chuang Tzu’s story which tried to stand firm against a cart only to be run down.

A good position allows you to fire with both arms while making it more difficult for your opponent to do with his rear arm. He can still do it but not without telegraphing his intent physically.

When you are in a favorable position it is easy for you to fulfil the principle of your opponent moves first, you arrive first.

Once you start firing away you have the opponent busy chasing your hands and you can get away with many things.

As Paul has not learnt push hands I was explaining the topic step-by-step rather than have a free for all and stop to explain whenever I tagged him which is how I teach my normal students.

What you see my apply towards the end are variations of the technique of Turn Body, Chop Body Fist (转身撇身捶) to different parts of the body by varying my own level.


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