Finding Tai Chi Land

I just finished reading a book on physics, specifically gravity. In conducting research on Tai Chi an understanding of the science of gravity can be helpful.

Found a fair bit of information that changed the way I look at gravity. Some of the information is useful in helping to explain the deeper aspect of Tai Chi especially the intention model of Grandmaster Wei Shuren.

Towards the end of the last chapter there is a section entitled Finding Neverland in which the author likened the theory of physics to be like that of a Russian nesting doll. If you do not know what a Russian nesting doll is you can view the video below :-

For some reasons unknown to physicists when they thought a theory is already complete and perfect they would later discover that there is another deeper theory inside the already perfect theory.

For a long time I thought the common model of Tai Chi on how to tap ground force, doing silk reeling etc was the correct model. That is until the intention model was presented by Grandmaster Wei in his book on the 22-form and in one fell swoop overturned everything I thought I knew about Tai Chi.

The physicist Nina Arkani-Hamed is quoted as saying that “The laws of physics at one level are perfect. And, at the deeper level, they change into laws that are even more perfect.

The interesting conclusion is that you cannot gradually come up with a new law of physics. You either make the jump into the great unknown and the law is discovered or you do not.

As the author pointed out Newton said “No great discovery was ever made without a bold guess.

Or as Arkani-Hamed puts it “Physics makes progress in a very discontinuous way. It is very important to be in the vicinity of the answer and so to leap from the right spot.

The intention model is one such paradigm that can either enable you to make a huge leap in progress or leave you frustrated. Just recently I saw a video of one of my early teachers demonstrating fajing. What was interesting is that until this video his demonstrations have been the standard stuff I see other masters do.

However, this recent video was a huge leap forward. Now I see him actually using intention clearly. He would describe what he was doing, how by pointing his finger he can project the force in a particular direction even though he did not physically touch the point on the body of his student.

Truly wonderful to see a long time veteran make a big leap in progress. You can watch two demos here (reminder – use the WordPress password for your TaijiKinesis Vol 2 eBook), one from 2011 and another from 2017, to see the contrast in progress.


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