Ask The Right Question 2

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So now we move on to the next question which is how do you know your master is good.

Basically, this is an ambiguous question in that good in what sense?

Is the master good in that he can fight? Yes, one of my teachers, Master Cheong, was known back in the day as one who can fight.

Is the master good in that he can train fighters? Yes, another of my teachers, Master Leong, actually trained students to fight full contact tournaments.

Is the master good in that he knows the art fully? One of my Wing Chun teachers knew the entire system and that’s seriously a deep and wide system we are talking about here.

Is the master good in that he has indepth knowledge of the art? Yet another of my Tai Chi teachers taught me how to do the form indepth such that it enabled me to acquire what I have today.

So yes, I know my teachers are good. That some of them have high standing and seniority in their respective styles is indicative and after seeing them in action there is no doubt at all.

But as mentioned in the first post for me the more interesting question is are they effective to teach me skills that can be mastered. I can say if you are looking for instant solution and mastery then all my teachers are no good. But for lasting and indepth learning they certainly proved to be good teachers.

LogoSo if your master good? Actually, its a stupid question. The fact that a teacher is deemed a master means he must be good. The really relevant question you should ask is whether he is effective when it comes to making you master the art.

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