Micro Universe 5

In the field of science Newtonian physics proved to be valid for over 200 years.

Its principles have been proven valid and even some careers have been built on it.
Ninety nine percent of physicists did not question it, even when they experience doubts or have inconsistencies staring at them in the face.

At least, not until along came an unremarkable Albert Einstein, a budding scientist who could not seem to get the career he wanted started.

Perhaps this was what fate intended because thrown into a job with time to think he could ponder and think and from there came a question that changed the field of physics.

Sometimes, it takes an outsider to overthrow or revolutionize an entire field.

For me the revolution in how I see Tai Chi began on two occasions. The first was when I was first introduced to it by a senior. The second, which I considered the real revolution, was when my teacher visited me and offered me the red pill.

And after taking the red pill nothing was the same again.



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