Micro Universe 3

Why am I raising the question of universal laws?

The reason is because a human body is a human body. Assuming this is true then knowing universal laws can accelerate our mastery of Tai Chi.

This is in contrast to people who like to do Tai Chi styles preoccupying themselves with styles and lineages. However, anyone who has spent enough time on an art would know that styles and lineages mean little in reality.

Let’s say we have 10 people (or many more) learning the same style from the same master but only one person will truly understand the art. So what happens when the 10 go out and teach?

Let’s say each of the 10 have 20 students. Over time there will be many more practitioners and teachers of this style out there. If the 1 that got it didn’t teach or teach sparsely that means the chances of someone learning from the 9 that didn’t quite get it is very high. Not exactly good news for those that really want to learn the art but that’s reality.

This is why if you want to get to the core of the teaching you have to look for the underlying principles that governing the class of combat known as Tai Chi.


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