Micro Universe 2

In my previous post I asked :-

Are the principles governing the force models built into the Yang style 22 form transmitted by Grandmaster Wei Shuren based on scientific universal laws whether discovered or undiscovered?

This is an interesting question that struck me as I read a lot more about physics. But as one book title so aptly put it “We Have No Idea”.

Based on what I know and what I read I would say that yes, the laws of the universe (I am speaking loosely here) do govern Tai Chi. Or perhaps we should think of it the other way round – Tai Chi is a model that describes the workings of the universe using a non-scientific paradigm because the creator was not a scientist!

However, they were probably great observers of nature and drew parallels from what they observed to what they were doing, consolidating the observations and conclusions, leading to the creation of the Tai Chi model.

I am speculating here, making conclusions from what I know. I have read that physicists are seeking a model that is capable of explaining everything notably gravity, quantum theory, and the world of atoms. It should not surprise me that people in China, perhaps in many places have tried to do so for whatever field interested them in the past.


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