Land of Confusion 8

Wing Chun Six and a Half Point Pole.

Sometimes I feel its more like Six and a Half Point-less Pole. Why?

Most people who do Wing Chun have played sticking hands with fellow practitioners whether from the same style or outside. But when was the last time you tried playing pole with other styles?

My learning experience is that the Wing Chun pole that is taught in the Ip style is mostly not that great, with many bordering on useless. But don’t take my word for it. Seek out those who have learned traditional Southern Chinese pole method and try against them and you’ll see what I mean.

Now that I’ve learned from a teacher who in his lifetime was considered one of the great masters of the pole its easy for me to look back at the Wing Chun pole I’ve learned and fix what is wrong with it to make it work.

As with Tai Chi I see many Wing Chun players obsessed with power in the pole except that they can’t really get the power out to the tip. Its mostly a case of faulty biomechanics, something that is in plain sight to those well versed in physics except most are blur like sotong when it comes to science.

However, power alone does not guarantee a win in confrontations using a pole. A long pole once grabbed or its perimeter breached is basically useless. So there are rules and strategies governing the use of a long pole.

When you understand what these things are and you can bring them forth in your pole usage will then your pole will formidable and not a Six and a Half Point-less Pole.


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