Land of Confusion 2

I hear a lone wolf challenging others on their knowledge of Wing Chun. The lone wolf is making many claims of what Wing Chun should be based on a line that started back in the 17th century.

Is what he said credible and true?

I guess this depends on who is asking.

If you have skills that can be supported by the principles of Wing Chun then I guess you are in good hands and would dismiss the lone wolf.

However, if you lack the skills and have long suspected that what you are learning is not correct then you are like the blind man who has just been given the gift of sight. To be able to see with one eye is better than to be blind. You are grateful to the lone wolf and you become a supporter.

Does this mean that everything that the lone wolf said is correct and true?

If you do not know the lone wolf’s background you would accept what is claimed to be Wing Chun as so. But some of us have been around and we know about his practice and investigation into the internal arts particularly Chen style Tai Chi. Mind you, this does not mean that his skill or what he claims to be 17th century Wing Chun is wrong. He could be correct or at least the principles he rediscovered could be true whether they are truly Wing Chun principles or not.

I think the beef some have with the lone wolf is that they either suspect or know he is selling dog meat but claiming it to be beef. Of course, some of these Wing Chun people are not practitioners of Tai Chi or perhaps some are but not at a master level so they would not know for sure.

Do these claims clarify or confuse? Some say they are enlightened and some recognize as repackaged information. I guess good or bad is a matter of perspective.


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