Wanna Eat Bacon

Knowledge liberates, faith enslaves seems to be the take away lesson here. This is something we can apply to the study of Tai Chi.

My student was just telling me about what her self defence instructor taught her about boxing punches. Being an educated and intelligent person she had doubts about certain things she was taught about punching.

I said instead of assigning a right or wrong label why not just ask a simple question – is it effective? Is it optimal? Does it conform to (fill in the question)? And so on.

From there we can examine each question and at the end of it decide which way would work for us while enabling us to optimize what we have. Or perhaps we need to tweak our body to do more.

So a thing like punching is it better to do a 1-2 strike or 1 & pause 2 strike? Why yes? Why no? Or the answer is depends on the circumstances. Why do we need a black and white answer when the real answer could be grey?

So an enlightened teacher can open up your insights to the possibilities and enrich your learning whilst a narrow minded teacher will restrict and hold back your progress.

You can stay and be enslaved by your continuing faith in the teacher or you can try bacon!!! Ultimately the choice is yours to make. I’m already past 50 and I’m not waiting till 90 to try “bacon”…..,.


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