Learning TaijiKinesis 2

Previous post here.

I had to end the previous post as I had run out of time due to the fact that I was going to take a short trip to Malaysia to attend my friend’s wake.

Right at the end of the last post were you able to spot the correction I made to a learner’s posture. Did you take a look to see what you could spot?

My friend Paul tried and though it was a good try he didn’t spot the difference. Actually there are two differences.

Take a look again. See them? Yes? No? Go below to see the answers.





















The key point that I referred to in my previous post concerned the placement of the hand-wrist which in turn affected the position of the elbow. Remember that one of the key principles is to keep the elbow lowered? There you go. I have put in a line to make this more obvious. The difference is not so obvious so its not surprising that most readers would miss it.


There is a second difference between the two pictures. This should be easy to spot. What is it?




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