Flick of the Switch

Flick of the switch. Flick of the switch. This phrase kept playing over and over as I was waiting for my flight and on my flight.

Yes, flick of the switch. That’s what life is like sometimes. One day God decides to flick your switch to Off and it’s lights out forever for you. We don’t know when it’s time for our switch to be flicked so do what you want to do today, as if there’s no tomorrow.

Sitting at Steven’s wake I saw two banners. One was from the Buk Sing Choy Li Fut association where he learned Tai Chi, the same association that my Grandmaster Nip Chee Fei founded. The other was from a Master Chow of the Hakka Southern Mantis style. I heard that Master Chow had reached out to Steven and invited him to learn even though Steven was not Hakka and it is their tradition to teach only to their own dialect group. Alas, Steven’s learning had to end prematurely so unexpectedly. Sad.

Life can take surprising and unanticipated twists and turns. Don’t put off what you can do or want to do today.


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