A Xingyi Encounter

I met a Xingyi practitioner, KT, this trip. I have been communicating with him sporadically since he initially contacted me.

So after many months we finally met. It was a short meeting as KT is a super busy person. Anyway, when the stars are aligned………

Given the short amount of time I just cut to the chase. I told KT he could ask me any questions he like. I remembered we talked about zhanzhuang, showed him some of our Tai Chi approach in various applications, difference in approach to using power and ……. my brain is shutting down.

Its been a long two days. Funeral tends to get harder as one gets on in age and those we once know as kids, meet back as adults, seeing them as a father with young kids, suddenly dies one day far too early in the prime of life is unsettling.

Well, when I remember more I will write about this encounter.


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