RIP Steven Boo, Tai Chi Master

Yesterday I was just telling a student that my policy is to teach Tai Chi at whatever level the student can learn. This is because as a living art Tai Chi dies with the teacher.

So to keep the art ongoing we should teach it as much and as fast as we can because we never know when our time is up.

Today I learned that my classmate, friend and fellow Tai Chi teacher, Steven Boo, has passed away. This is very sudden and totally unexpected.


Steven leading a class in Tai Chi straight sword



Steven once said that he taught Tai Chi because he didn’t want to practice alone. This meant that he probably had more practice than me. This is why his passing is such a shock to those of us who know about his regular practice of Tai Chi.

In addition to being a Tai Chi teacher, Steven was also a Choy Li Fut master and was picking up Southern Mantis before his untimely demise. We are sad that our brother’s life has come to pass too soon.

Goodbye Steven. May you rest in peace.


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