To Be A Tai Chi Teacher

What’s your long term goal for learning Tai Chi?

One students wants to teach and I agreed to allow her to do so but on condition that she should know what she is doing.

From my point of view knowing what you are doing is more important than just possessing a certificate that purportedly attests that you are competent. This is because in reality a certificate does not really say as much as you think it says.

I have seen enough incompetent teachers put out by cookie cutter schools to know this. Instead of promoting the art, such teachers end up killing interest in the art when students realize that the art that they are learning is not what it is passed off to be down the road.

To be a proper Tai Chi teacher is not just a matter of being accepted as a disciple, of having a lineage, a piece of scroll, certificate, tons of photos taken with masters and so on. Such things are necessary to be a famous (ming = Chinese word for famous) master but not sufficient to be an informed (ming = Chinese word for understanding) master.

So when picking a teacher to learn from ask yourself whether your teacher is one who is “ming” (famous) or / and who is *ming* (understanding Tai Chi) because ultimately you don’t want to be the blind following the one-eyed master.

So what does it take to be *ming* teacher?


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