To Be A Tai Chi Teacher 2

What does it take to be a *ming* teacher?

Step 1 – take out your mental saber.

Step 2 – sharpen it.

Step 3 – look for your sacred cows and start killing.


What sacred cows should we kill?

1) Style cow

2) Lineage cow

3) Master cow


Do you know why we should kill the above three cows? That’s homework for you.


1 thought on “To Be A Tai Chi Teacher 2

  1. Style cow – every style is an interpretation of the principles. But every style has variations. So which style and which variation is correct?

    Lineage cow – every lineage started from some great master, but THAT master being great does not equal to his students and students’ students were/are great.

    Master cow – the master may be great, but he may not be a good teacher.

    At the end of the day, it is a question of what I want and who or what can help me achieve what I want. Blinding myself to sacred cows at the expense of my own development is not wise.

    Then, when I have achieved certain accomplishments, I can pass on what I have learnt to someone else that benefits him, assuming that I am 明 enough, for I am another cow that my student may have to slay.


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