Dominoes 2

Today I saw a video showing kung fu besting boxing. After watching the video I cannot help but wonder why put on a boxer who does not really box or use the range of boxing punches.

I mean if you watch enough videos of boxers especially when they spar against styles that rush straight in you would note that hooks are effective in stopping these rushes and even knocking down the person rushing in. This video is a classic case of where the boxer should control his distance and hook. So why didn’t he? Makes the demo of kung fu prowess suspicious……

Take a look at this video. Its not exactly the same but you can see a better boxer more in control of distance and using hooks when his opponent tried to rush in.

A good video for learning about the strengths and weaknesses of your own art is the video below on an Aikido teacher getting a friend to help test his techniques.

Despite being bested the Aikido teacher maintained humility and a spirit of learning. This is how you can improve your art. Do not be afraid to slaughter the sacred cow.

Finally, look at how happy the students are to learn something new from watching their own black belt played like a doll. Its an old clip but its gold.


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