Push Hands Flow & Change

Six years ago I took some videos with the objective of using them for TaijiKinesis Vol 3 which is on push hands.

I started work on Vol 3 but for certain reasons I did not continue. Now I have started looking into Vol 3 again and dug up the old videos.

For those who have been waiting for Vol 3 I have put up the first video that I shot. This was an unrehearsed run through of some of the techniques we practice at the basic level for the first method of circling.

You would notice that all the techniques are worked off the Grasp Sparrow’s Tail posture. From this posture we could change into different techniques depending on the entry technique and position acquired after entering.

For the purpose of push hands practice we normally use a small frame posture to enable us to be nimble on our feet. We can also keep the pressure of our hands lighter so that we do not engage in strength versus strength competition in which the stronger person would invariably win. From here we can focus on working on our techniques, flow and how to change when given different pressures, angles and speed of attack.


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