Pole eBook Question 3

Question – Using the movements in page 23 as one set, my shoulders start to ache at 20 sets. Going beyond 25 sets feel more like weight lifting than training power.

The movements on page 23 are basically two major movements :-

1) Cut and thrust

2) Circling

Since the second movement only involves minimal movement of the shoulders the root cause for the aching shoulders would probably be from the first movement.

The first movement is made up of two sub-movements – a cut and a thrust.

The thrust should not cause the shoulders to ache. But if it does it would be because the thrusting motion is performed with too much arm movement especially when extending; a common occurrence when trying to thrust harder.

This pretty much leaves the cut as the culprit. If indeed the cut is the root cause then the reason why this occurs is because the shoulders are overly used in the downward motion particularly when stopping the pole at the end of the downward descent.

A possible remedy is to examine each sub-movement carefully to identify the actual root cause of the ache. Do the movements slowly as this makes it easier to examine what is going on.

In general, a good movement is one which follows good biomechanical principles. So if you are doing self-correction this is what to look out for. Otherwise, get someone who knows the weapon well to do the checking and correction.


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