Pole eBook Question 2

The second question is whether there is a difference between using rattan, hardwood or even white wax.

From my own experience :-

a) Hardwood is the best for practicing southern style Chinese martial arts. Lovely heft, great for absorbing vibration when struck, good control. But they are heavy and not as easy to control especially if the pole you are using is too heavy for you

b) Rattan – good pole to start off with; easier to control but prone to being wobbly especially when doing the Cut movement. When struck it can vibrate a lot more, causing you to possibly lose your hold on the pole and dropping it

c) White Wax – easier to manipulate but prone to being infested. If too thin you can break it with a strong Cut movement. However, if you love to shake a pole then white wax would be suitable

d) Hard plastic – I see some poles made of this material today. How good is it I have no idea but I do have a hard plastic broadsword which handles OK

Where to buy poles in Singapore? Except for the rattan pole I have which was made by a furniture shop in Singapore all my wooden poles are from Malaysia. I used to have an 8-foot pole from Hong Kong but I left it at someone’s place and have not taken it back. You can always try asking the usual suspects like Ting Fong, Liang Seng and Yi Fong.

I have seen some nice poles at this website in Hong Kong :-


You can try asking them if they export to Singapore. Check with a local freight forwarder if they can help to clear customs. The last thing you need is for the pole to arrive and find that you cannot bring it in or you need to have it check for infestation.

If you have friends in Malaysia who practice martial arts you can try asking them for help. In my hometown there was a shop that sells wooden stuff, amongst them poles for industrial use. Poles for industrial use can be pretty solid.

If you are game try buying wood and making your own or ask a carpenter to make for you. He will ask you for specifications. Maybe you can use the info from kafok.com.





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