The Devil in Tai Chi

I bet the title of this post has grabbed your attention especially if you are one of those who think that Tai Chi is the practice of pagans and unsuited for Christians.

Seriously, the next time someone tells you this just ask that person on what basis they offer their opinion.

My opinion is if you have not learned Tai Chi before or better still mastered it then you are not in a position to give any opinion on it, much less say that the art cannot be practiced by Christians.

I would say that anyone saying this is plain silly and that an art as complex and beautiful as Tai Chi is a gift from God.

True Tai Chi practice has nothing to do with religion. You should not be asked to worship say Chang San Feng or need to sell your soul to Satan in order to master Tai Chi. I am sorry to say there are no shortcuts to mastering Tai Chi. You have to put in the time just like the rest of us if you want to master it.

Practicing Tai Chi should enlighten you and not enslave you to ridiculous notions such as this. If however, you are asked to pray to idols in your Tai Chi school and this offends your religious sensibility then I would recommend that you get out.

Under no circumstances should you take this to be the norm because it is not. Only ignorant people would make such a claim. I suspect in some cases it is not so much to prevent the practitioner from falling into the devil’s trap so much as for the person making the claim to make the listener beholden to him or / and the religious movement.


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