Push Hands Fun

I don’t know what I was thinking of. I wanted to take a video of how to do push hands. However, it was the end of a hectic Day 10 of intensive training and I think we were already out of the zone. So I just did something……..

What is shown here is some straightforward push hands stuff, not the wrestling type that is passed off as push hands nowadays. Our philosophy is what is the point of pushing an opponent off in a real fight because that is not going to stop him unless you can push him so hard that he slams into a wall and knocks himself out. But what if you are standing in the middle of the field? What then?

In the first technique you see a push. However, when we practice it as combat that push is no longer just a push. The push here is only to train certain attributes.

Next you get an arm drag which you could use to pull your opponent to slam into the wall if like in this case you are standing next to a wall.

The third arm drag is not really supposed to be an arm drag. I just did it this way so its not too hard on the elbow joint. This is the technique Master Leong taught which I once used to accidentally hurt my senior’s arm putting it out of commission for 3 months.

My student looked kinda spaced out doesn’t he?

We were just going through the motions. No real resistance. Just going with the flow. Then he suddenly resisted by tensing and bending his right arm. Without thinking I just borrowed his resistance to open up his space and entered with a Kao. The Kao didn’t seem that strong but it hit the right spot. At that moment it wasn’t fun anymore as it hurt. But we weren’t done yet.



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