Intensive Learning (Pole) 3

Below is my student’s performance of the pole form after 8 days of learning. During this period we didn’t always work on the pole as there were other topics to cover. He also did not have a pole to practice and had little time each day to work on it on his own.

Given the short amount of time this performance is better than expected. Yes, there are parts that are off. However, being 100% correct is not the objective here because this would be unrealistic.

Instead, the objective is to be able to remember the sequence, the logic for the sequence, the timing, coordination, etc. Being able to remember the key details is part and parcel of beginning the study of the pole.

Learning requires one to be mentally alert in order to remain observant to take in the details being shown and explained. If one is tired the mind can drift and go over into a lethargic mode. This is particularly true when the mind has problem grasping with difficult concepts. At this stage learning becomes a struggle, with most energy channeled to remaining awake.

This is why learning an art in detail is not for everybody. General learning is good but not useful if you want to optimize what you have learned to the point where the pole and you become one, enabling you to move quickly, straight to the point and with power.



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