I once heard from my seniors that Ngok Gar Kuen came to Malaysia from China via Hong Kong. However, all these years I have not come across this version of Ngok Gar Kuen in Hong Kong.

It was said that in Hong Kong the style branched into two. One branch was the Yip (also written as Ip, Ye and Yap) family. The other branch was the Lau (also spelled as Liew) family.

In Ipoh we did the Lau family Ngok Gar Kuen. I knew that our Grandmaster Loong Poh was from Kampung Tengah in Selangor. Until recently I have only seen the Lau style of Ngok Gar.

So it was a pleasant surprise to learn that a Malaysia Tai Chi master, Yap Seong, is the descendant of their family’s style of Ngok Gar, the Yip branch. I am so glad Master Yap has put out some clips of what they do because now we can see  what the Yip family’s techniques are like.

In the clip below we can see Master Yap Seong perform some techniques from the 18 Kum Kong.

I have made a short clip showing how we do the same techniques.

Apart from minor difference in flavor I would conclude that we are from the same source. Truly the two styles are family.

The folks in Kuala Lumpur are lucky to have Master Yap. Ever since Master Cheong passed on the school has been dormant and it seems like the prediction my senior once made about the style dying out has come to pass.


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