Intensive Learning (Pole) 2

Intensive learning is not the same as intensive training in that the former is about learning more and the latter on learning better. Can both objectives be reconciled?

Four days after the video of my student demonstrating the basic pole thrust (refer here) was made we shot another footage, part of which is shown below :-

The progress is pretty decent considering that he has a lot to learn but not as much time for self-practice.

On the final day of learning we covered pole partner practice. Below is part of footage shot during the second session which is a few hours after the first session. This exercise develops whole body power.

Another exercise shown below is for the training of sudden changes in direction to flank the opponent and take out his leading hand. Of course, in training we strike the pole rather than the hand to avoid injury. In this instance, we just worked on getting the position and left out the striking part.

The pole exercises were practiced with a light touch to minimize noise disturbance as poles knocking against each other can be loud and annoying.


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