Form – Ngok Gar Kuen Snippet

Ngok Gar Kuen has 4 formal forms. The form below, of which the ending part is shown is not one of the 4 formal forms. This is performed at medium speed.

Rather, its three training sequences strung together to create a short form. We call this form Ba Wang Quan or loosely translated, Domineering Fist.

The objective of this form is to train the principle of domineering. You can think of it as somewhat similar to that of occupying the centreline in Wing Chun.

The techniques kinda reminded me of Shaolin movements the first time I saw this form. However, our Ngok Gar Kuen claimed that they are from Emei. According to my senior, Ah Leong, Emei techniques are characterized by hard-soft flavor, hence the mix of forceful and whip-like techniques alternating between suddenly hard and suddenly soft.

Training in Ngok Gar Kuen can be a painful affair. Take a look at the bruises on my student’s arm. So bruises lasted for a few days.




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