The Passing of Wing Chun’s King of Kicks

I am sad to read that GM Chow Tze Chuen, the King of Kicks (a nickname bestowed by Grandmaster Ip Man), has passed on. He was humble and not given to airs; very unlike other masters despite his skill.
In remembering GM Chow I can still vividly recall my first meeting with him because I ended up writing about it on page 17 of the 2016 book “Willow in the Wind: Wing Chun’s Soft Approach”.
I wrote – “In moving Chow Sifu was like the wind – he was here, there and everywhere……….. These words came to mind when I tried out the skill of Chow Sifu at his invitation in free sparring. At the advanced age of 75 (in 1999), Chow could strike freely, accurately and quickly with either hands or feet without missing a beat or running out of breath. In defending Chow Sifu was like a shadow – he seemed to be there but yet not there. He could make me miss by the merest of movement of his body so much so it was as if he had never moved.
Rest in peace, Grandmaster Chow. Condolences to his family and kung fu family.

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