Intensive Learning (Pole)

The end of the year looked to be a slow, lazy period. And then my student said he wanted to come back to learn and also to escape the lonely winter nights.

So here we are just after the halfway mark of an intensive 10 days learning period. Since he has already developed a foundation he can go for more intermediate and advanced material.

First up on the agenda is the long pole because it is a much easier weapon to learn than the straight sword. And I was right.

Despite the patchy flow the outer appearances are there. In fact, you can see from the video below that he can do the basic stabbing motion reasonably after a few minutes of instruction on the first day :-


Not bad, right? Below is a clip to compare his performance against :-

In this pole form we are using a gripping method that is suitable for beginners. At this stage the more advanced method of gripping closer would be difficult for a beginner to handle.

To put my point across I did an impromptu demo using a few movements from Master Leong’s Shaolin 6.5 pole form :-

The purpose of the demo is to show how despite the closer grips one must still be able to handle the pole to perform techniques quickly, with power, coordination, timing and intent.






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