Rooster Booster 2017

We are coming to the end of the year. Next year will be the year of the Fire Rooster. Below we have a nice picture of Grandmaster Tung Huling in the Golden Rooster Stands on One Leg posture :-


That it is the year of the rooster is perhaps a sign I should peck at students to get them to train harder, to continue on the hard work that some had put in this year, the result of which some students are getting on the right track. Persistent and careful training can indeed get you further along.

For many students there are still a lot of small details to nail down. However, if they mindfully chip at the details they will get there eventually. Remember, the goal is to train daily rather than rush headlong into hard practice before fizzling out due to inability to sustain the practice pace.

The way to progress faster is by training carefully at a slower pace so that you don’t miss the details. A number of students now realize that they cannot progress faster because their basics are not accurate enough. The consequence is that when they try to issue power they are unable to and when they see a punch coming they panic and react wildly rather than easily lead the attack to emptiness.

One movement where this proves to be a problem area is Rollback transitioning to Press. Its such a lovely technique but students have a problem using Rollback because their anxiety caused them to panic and they then begin to resist leading to the use of strength at the wrong time, thus causing the technique to fail.

Similarly, when they do Press they tend to do it in a manner that is not mechanically sound when examined using the principles of physics. If so, they will have a problem releasing their power because of a weaker structure. They then have to use more strength to compensate for the inexactness.

2017 should be the year for some to Master Tai Chi Today. Remember no details are too small to pay attention to. Be like the rooster. Peck at the details till you get them down.




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