Open Your Mind

Precision in your Tai Chi movements demand that every movement be correct. As one student mentioned this is what makes our Tai Chi difficult to learn.

Recently, he took my advice to go try out something different by taking up a trial Aikido lesson. He had a great experience and found many similarities between what we do in Tai Chi and Aikido. However, he also noted that the biggest difference between our Tai Chi and Aikido is that Aikido uses big movements whereas we utilize a lot of micro movements.

He showed me a technique he learned which was Kokyu Nage. If you know your Aikido the movement begins when your partner grasps your wrist. You then flow into Tai-no-Henko to blend and neutralize before going into Kokyu Nage.

If your mind draws a blank when reading Tai-no-Henko and Kokyu Nage the videos will give you an idea of what it is about. Kokyu Nage will probably remind you of Wild Horse Parts Mustang. I like the video on Kokyu Nage – nice stuff.


In Tai Chi learning how to apply a technique is one part of the learning. The second part of the learning is how to counter the same technique you just applied. Learning a technique this way helps to make your initial technique better.

For example, if you have a partner using Wild Horse Parts Mane against you in a manner similar to Kokyu Nage how would you counter it?

Similarly, if you are in the midst of applying Wild Horse Parts Mane and your partner attempts to counter it how do you counter his counter?

There are many ways to counter a technique such as Wild Horse Parts Mane depending on how it is applied. My student is not an expert at Tai Chi yet or in Aikido after one lesson so its easy to counter him even when I am still holding on to his wrist. When he moved to my side the use of Kao can disrupt the flow of his movement. Alternatively, I could use Wild Horse Parts Mane to counter the very same technique.

Countering in a flowing manner is just a matter of relaxing and emptying the mind. And of course, you need to know your long form like the back of your hand. Then the solution will come spontaneously to you. This is known as creating something from nothing. Learning how to Master Tai Chi Today can be quite fun, don’t you think so?


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