Oh Wow!

I have come across a clip of the famous 1954 charity match between Wu Kungyi of Wu style Tai Chi and Chan Hak Fu of Lama White Crane in the past. An example would be this video below :-

Right at the beginning of this clip I can see Great Grandmaster Dong Yingchieh demonstrate his Fast Form. I always wondered if there is more to this clip.

Turns out there is. Today I came across a longer and much clearer version of the same clip. Take a look below :-

This clip shows a longer version of the same Fast Form demo by Dong Yingchieh beginning at 2:41

The interesting discovery from this longer clip is from 0:58 – 1:21 showing the famous Eagle Claw King, Lau Fat Mang doing a free demo with Dong Yingchieh. Very interesting to observe Dong Yingchieh in action.

I observed how Grandmaster Dong used circles to avoid Grandmaster Lau’s famous eagle claw grip.An example of eagle claw techniques from GM Lau’s style can be seen in this clip beginning at 6:57 :-

Dong also kept his movements compact even when moving – observe the good coordination when changing from side to side. Saw a fair bit of the Fast Form techniques being used. There is a nice application of Press at 1:08.

Great demo from two grandmasters of their respective arts. Sure made my day.


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