Dunno Principles

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So trying to correct the same old, same old problem areas I see in my student’s performance and saying that the principles must be adhered to. Then she said that she still does not know what the principles are. Old boy……….

When I was learning Tai Chi the only place where you can read about the principles was in books and even then the books were not easy to come by. Nowadays, you only have to sit in front of a PC or use your smartphone and google for “tai chi principles” or “tai chi classics” and presto, you can get the info right in front of you just like that.

Or if you can try buying Cheng Tzu’s Thirteen Treatises on T’ai Chi Ch’uan‎. The chapter Physics alone is worth the money. Yes, some of the people I know are still trying to puzzle out how the contents in the chapter entitled Physics fit into their Tai Chi practice.

At one time I wanted to write an eBook just commenting on it but then I did the next best thing. I have written my version of it in TaijiKinesis Vol 2 – Learning the Taijiquan Form beginning with page 49 on 5.8 Six Important Points all the way to 5.9.2 Illustration of the 5-Count to explain the important principles that underlie how the body is used in our Tai Chi from page 97 – 121, Chapter 8 About Biomechanics.

So if you dunno the principles fear not because today there is so much info out there that its impossible not to be able to find any info for our objective to Master Tai Chi Today.


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