Back to Basics

If your basics are not good enough then every time you advance in your learning you will end up having to revisit the basics.

I was showing a systematic method of attacking and defending in push hands. This was built on the primary method of opening, entering and exiting. The primary method should be learned to the point whereby one can move between the three phases in any order to maintain control. To achieve this you must have smooth and well controlled movement but I suspect my student’s residue habit from his Xingyi days have not been fully eradicated hence the occasional jerky, over-strong linear movements.

Tai Chi emphasizes circular movement and if we practice the form properly we should be able to move smoothly like water flowing through cracks. When this flavor is emphasized in push hands then every resistance we meet will trigger us to flow like water into cracks. For us the circular movements in push hands circling is not for formality sake; there is an actual use for it.

We should also remember that we do not do push hands for the purpose of pushing around. Instead, push hands is a way to practice, refine and test our understanding of movement, speed, power, reflexes and implementation of strategy. If you are not doing this in your push hands then you are not really doing a combat art. The process to Master Tai Chi Today is never by accident but via deliberate learning.

To learn well remember to keep working on your basics. What are the basics? In our Tai Chi the fundamentals are outlined in TaijiKinesis Vol 2 – Learning the Taijiquan Form. The only thing missing from the eBook is how to practice it using a push hands platform.

Our push hands platform is designed around certain key principles which in turn is for the purpose of enabling us to use the techniques. At the intermediate level the student is taught how to use the techniques passed down by Grandmaster Nip Chee Fei into push hands to transition to a more effective and powerful combative art.


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