Competition Push Hands

Someone recently asked me if I am aware of the latest competition push hands rules in China.

I have to say I am ignorant because I don’t train for competition push hands and neither do my students. However, this does not mean I do not allow them to take part in competition.

If they so desire they can look into it and take part. Sometimes the best way to know if taking part in a competition can help advance their Tai Chi skills is by doing so. Its better than taking my word for it.

The other alternative they can explore is by testing against others. In fact, this would be better than taking part in competition where the rules can affect the way one does push hands. However, to have a better learning experience one can first try and observe how one fares. This would be the “before” baseline.

After learning and achieving a certain standard then the student can try out and take note of the “after” baseline. Every subsequent tryouts would be tracked for problem areas and improvements achieved over time. This is one way that one can use push hands to Master Tai Chi Today.


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