Blah, all the talk of mathematical models was putting me to sleep. But it was an interesting read, this book on algorithms and their applications to decision making.

Put the book down, rest the mind a bit. Let’s see, I have not looked at my Physics books for a while. Picked one out, read a bit, put back. Take another one out, read, put back. Browse, browse.

Then I saw it, a nugget, nay a gem in a topic on structure. Honeycomb. Strong structure, good properties.

More browsing, another topic. The physics of a bullet. Momentum. Impact force.

2 + 2 = 4.



The Tai Chi Classics are spot on. They may have their own way of putting it but however they put the explanation it is consistent with what is written in physics on the topic of mechanics.

The key to Master Tai Chi Today begins with understanding the principles of the Tai Chi Classics, how to put them into practice and achieving in application the physics of the principles.


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1 thought on “Honeycomb

  1. Impact Force seemed easy matter to swot up on, so I did and was immediately rewarded with the mention of Newton’s 3rd Law which is something you don’t hear about in gun discussions! I mean we’ve all heard of recoil and even felt it…. but even a Wikipedia article holds a revelation here for the Yang Taiji player.

    Because if we’ve heard of Disperse, we know why the gun doesn’t hurt the shooter almost as bad as it does the target? Thus, a principle for better efficiency in striking.


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