Push, Laugh, Push

Doing push hands can be a grim affair for some. You know the type. Intense, concentrated look, posture ready to pounce.

Then we have those who treat push hands as a merry, enjoyable affair. Smiles all around, push, observe, smile, nods. A happy cooperative learning affair.

Why can’t we be both? That is do non-cooperative push hands, lots of strong pressure pushes, yet be happy to push and be pushed.

I suppose it is up to the individual and their temperament.

I think its good to have a happy disposition while pushing hands with resistance. This is because it helps to keep the mind in a relaxed mode. When we practice push hands we typically keep going practically non-stop unless its to explain a point or how a movement its done. Its the norm to push for 30 – 60 minutes without a break.

If you don’t learn to relax a few minutes of hard pushing will tire the arms and shoulders. And 30 – 60 minutes will leave you needing to recover over the next few days.

When pushing hard we should be happy to push and be pushed. In this way you learn what will work or not work under pressure and resistance. A technique that does not work may not mean the technique is useless. It may just mean it was not executed properly or the scenario was the wrong one to apply the technique or maybe its a case of right technique, wrong opponent.

Many times the appropriate technique is not for you to dictate but for the opportunity to present itself. You need to stay relaxed and keep your mind empty so that you can instantly respond to any opportunity that presents itself. Or you could stay patient, let yourself move, touch, explore and see if you could create the opening amidst the to and fro exchange.

Push, laugh, push. Remember its training, not competition. So lighten up and try to learn something. That’s one way to Master Tai Chi Today.


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