Technique Name?

My student wanted to ask me a question about a technique I showed him last week but he didn’t know what to call the technique.

My bad as I never told him the name because I’m not a stickler for names. Anyway, the name of the technique I showed last week is Forward Splitting Palm. Below is a photo sequence showing Grandmaster Dong Huling demonstrating the technique which is from the Fast Form :-


To me the most important part of the technique is doing it properly. Otherwise, no matter how grand the name sounds it would be useless.

My student was having a problem doing the Splitting Palm part because his arm was too tensed. The root cause was ……… you guessed it his less than stellar mastery of the 5-Count which was why he could not clearly moved the parts of his body in their proper sequence and timing.

Without a solid grasp of the 5-Count his technique was hard and relied on strength, and failed to work. A proper body frame and grasp of the sequencing should enable him to easily do the splitting action which called for the ability to create the emptiness path to lure my resisting arm to before reeling my arm in and trapping it there.

I showed a simple partner exercise that could be used to train Forward Splitting Palm as a attack and defense coordination exercise working the body angulation, distancing, timing, stepping, moving the body mass and acceleration the attacking limb. The key to successfully training Forward Splitting Palm as part of our journey to Master Tai Chi Today is to empty the body at the moment the training partner’s attack came in and quickly delivering your counterattack as he is still stepping forward, thus impaling him on your punch as well.


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