Power is the Problem

Push, go on, push harder. It is not that easy to push another person, right? This is especially if the other person is resisting strongly, refusing to stand there and let you have your way. But this is also a good opportunity to see if what you have learned works only when the other person is compliant, resisting lightly or digging in his heels.

Using power to push a person is not difficult. It is only difficult when we misuse our strength and end up resisting ourselves. This is why I say when training the form don’t worry too much about fajing. If you can get the basics right doing fajing will be a cinch.

The problem is most students don’t listen because they do not believe this. They prefer to believe that to learn fajing one must do fajing in the training of the form even if the motion is slow. But when the fundamentals are wrong then attempting to do fajing is like trying to get water flowing through a clogged pipe. It would be so much easier to unclog the pipe first instead of trying to force the water though a clogged pipe by increasing the water pressure.

To unclog the pipe in the fajing context means we must learn to relax. But relaxing is not going limp. In our training relaxing has a precise meaning. Granted, it is not easy to do but it is doable. The question is are you willing to try.

One easy way is by practicing to move in our prescribed manner. Follow the instructions as best as you can. With each passing day your constant practice will bring you closer to the goal as you become more familiar with it. The push hands that we engage in will assist in understanding. Just remember, put aside your disposition to use power now; invest in temporary loss and your journey to Master Tai Chi Today will be so much smoother.


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