Rhythmic bounce, guard up, keep the distance. Shuffle, shuffle…… tag!

Playing tag is not something I usually do but since my student brought up his experience trying out with a friend I thought I would throw in my 2 cents worth.

I know my student and I think its a bit early for him to try sparring. The reason is that he is still too stiff in the shoulders, a case of focusing too much on resisting and power. Because of this he is unable to instantly throw a punch out when required to.

To play the game of tagging a mobile footwork, ability to close the distance swiftly and accurate quick hands would be of more value than a rooted stance, power structure and strong push. These attributes, a legacy of Grandmaster Nip Chee Fei, are what we work towards when we train push hands instead of focusing on rooted stance,  power structure and strong push which are means to an end, part of the journey and not the journey nor the destination.

Our process to Master Tai Chi Today is not what students would expect when they sign up. But then if the norm is the right approach why do we not see more master level students being produced? Aye, that is the question.


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