Crawl, Walk, Run

Does learning the Fast Form bestow instant improvement on one’s push hands skills?

Well, actually the answer is No if you are still at the Beginner Level. The reason is if you can’t crawl then you shouldn’t be trying to learn to walk because crawling can be considered as basic training for coordinating your limbs. And if you can’t walk then trying to run will not lead to the ability to run.

So when learning Tai Chi why do we learn slower paced forms? The reason is that at a slower pace we can learn better. If you can get better at it then you can even do the slow form at a faster pace; for certain movements even at the fast pace of movements in the Fast Form.

The slow forms teach critical basics; giving you the time and room to develop, refine and make natural the skills. If you can’t get it here, then trying to get it by learning the Fast Form will certainly not get you there faster, in fact it may even make it harder to get there.

So remember the simple learning formula – Crawl, Walk, Run. You can’t go wrong and may actually speed up your time to Master Tai Chi Today.


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