Under Pressure

Pressure pushing down on me
Pressing down on you, …

So begins the song Under Pressure by Queen. It so reminds me of push hands training with this student last night. He is into sports, physically energetic, and put up a helluva resistance too in push hands.

Yes, push hands training with me can be like this, typically….. I don’t tell students not to resist unless I want them to observe something happening closely. That’s when I will tell them to slow down, use less resistance, otherwise they won’t be able to see what is really happening.

So most students tend to put up resistance. They don’t make my teaching life easier but I think its good to keep this part of training honest by not allowing them to be compliant dummies who jump and hop at the slightest touch.

Pressure and resistance. So much of it. My student really put up a good fight. After a while he had to pause for a quick rest as his arms were tired. Ah, quick lesson here – don’t carry my weight because to do so is hard work. Then its on again, more pressure, no giving way, making me really work at getting my techniques in.

Its such training that informs what techniques can work against a resisting opponent. We don’t push for the sake of it. Guard up at all times. One mistake and the hits will get through. No big pushes here that send the student hopping and bouncing. Its typically hits that sting a bit except when the guard is wide open. Then I would just place my hand on his chest and indicate to close up.

Good training to end the night before the witching hour begins and time to bed to dream of Master Tai Chi Today. And a quick listen to Queen’s hit song, Under Pressure….


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