Seriously Serious?

One of the things about any teacher who knows their stuff is that they would have thought through many aspects of what their art encompasses.

So it is quite interesting when a person enquiring about learning Tai Chi mentioned that I said something contradicting. In Tai Chi many things can sound paradoxical until you have practiced the art and reached a certain stage of understanding.

The important thing to keep in mind about Tai Chi is that the art can be intellectually fun to debate but without prolonged practice one will never really understand what is going on. Or to put it simply it is like people arguing about how horrible durian tastes like without ever having tasted one and just based their experience on reading about what others write or just smelling it.

This person claims to be a mechanical engineer so I thought it would be a cinch for him to understand what stuff like fajing is about at least in concept. However, he seems to have a difficult time picturing it. So I thought, OK, so maybe he is not strong in the visualization department which can be very helpful in learning Tai Chi.

Of course, he is speaking from past experience in his too brief a learning of Tai Chi. But I would contend that without having learned our intention approach personally what he has experienced would be totally useless in understanding where we are coming from.

Mention was thrown in about learn Tai Chi for meditation. To me, what meditation are we referring to here? So on the surface we can say that practicing Tai Chi is like meditation, to be more precise moving meditation. In fact, if you just keep doing the form over and over again you can enter a meditative state.

The key question here is after this when pressure is applied on you can you maintain the meditative ego-less state or does it all fly out the window when you automatically become instantly resistant. If you do, then this is but what I would term spurious meditative state. I would contend that it is only when you can control your ego under pressure that you have a true meditative state.

So you see, Tai Chi practiced externally can put you into a self-deceiving meditative state. It is when you can control your mind to guide your body that you enter a true meditative state and it may not be what you think or assumed is. It is kinda like enlightenment. If tomorrow you achieved enlightenment are you still the same person or a different person? Some people would throw on robes, hold prayer beads to convey the sense of having achieved enlightenment but would it make a difference or is it more for marketing, selling yourself to those who are willing followers?

If you want to Master Tai Chi Today you have to seriously think of actually practicing it till you get it instead of imposing a timeline on the learning. Mastering Tai Chi or meditation is an ongoing process. You can’t simple attend X number of lessons and at the end attain mastery or become enlightened though how I wish it were true but to believe it is to deceive myself.

Any art that is deep and profound has multiple layers of learning. Many layers cannot be learned without mastering the layer before it. Otherwise, it would be like foolishly pulling on a plant and hoping it will grow taller overnight without first having grown its roots down and deep so that it will not topple as it continues to grow upwards.


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