Big Rock

I feel you are like a big rock” or words to that effect, so sayeth my student. She continued to elaborate that when she tried to push me her hands would slip off.

Well, I would actually like to think I am more like the ball riding the wave that Takuan wrote about in his treatise on Zen and the martial arts, The Unfettered Mind.

But yes, it would not be wrong to describe it this way. Or after a few days of training I would say perhaps like a stone ball coated with slimy moss. Why? There is a deeper implication here.

Seriously, it is a rock but is not a rock. The true model for what she is feeling can be summed up below in the model of the Large Sphere :-


I think after seeing this model no words are required further. Like I said our Tai Chi approach is not something that can be easily made up and the process of Master Tai Chi Today no accident but a deliberate process of learning and practicing.


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