D.F.P. That’s the key to success.


D = Determination

F = Fastidious

P = Persistence

If you want to Master Tai Chi Today you must have DFP because without it your failure to pick up the art quickly will cause you to be demoralized and you will give up.

You must have determination to see the learning through to the end. To do this you must be persistent to keep going on and on even as your fastidiousness keeps you honest in your learning, making you see where you really stand in the moment, yet your ego will not get in the way, thus you are willing to change.

The training of the mind is difficult because it is intangible. Your mind is in you. Unless you can give me your mind I cannot do much except to use analogies to teach your mind to guide your body to move in a manner that can allow you to breakthrough your obstacles that is hampering your mastery.

Learning Tai Chi is not just one way and that’s it. The process of learning involves learning many ways as part of the exploration of what is incorrect in order to know what is correct. Each mistake we make guides us closer towards our target. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes but don’t be afraid to change either. Once you get somewhere you may want to hang on to it. That would be a mistake. Let it come, then let it go. Each achievement is but the beginning of a higher achievement but only if we let it change us.

Don’t just say that you are wrong and get stuck. Ask what is wrong. Identify the problem. Investigate it; dissect it. Test possible solutions using what you have learned. You might not find the right path but now you know what the wrong paths are like.

As a teacher I can tell you, show you but until you feel it yourself you still don’t truly understand what I have said. When you can feel it, eventually being able to hang on to it, and you can call it up as and when you need it then I would have successfully transmitted it to you. Where you go next is up to you.


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