Short Forms

In my previous post No Time I mentioned about offering an alternative learning route by opting for short forms instead of long forms.

For the student at basic and intermediate level they can now opt for the shortened versions of the Yang and Wu forms instead of the traditional long forms.

The short forms are the 22-Form version of the Yang Chengfu 108 form and the 24-Form version of the Wu style long form. The postures are listed below :-



Both forms can be played quickly or slowly as desired in a small space. But if you feel like stepping further you can also do so. The main idea is to have a form that you can practice as and when you have the time. For example, I can be grilling bread and before one side of the bread has browned I can play the form once if I do it at a slower pace or three times if I do it at a brisk pace.

With a short form you can play it many, many times until you are familiar with the movements and can break out of the predetermined sequence, essentially doing an ad lib version without missing a beat. Then apply your familiarity with the movements in push hands until it becomes second nature and you are moving and responding freely and in a flowing manner. This is how we can Master Tai Chi Today in a fast paced society.


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