Tai Chi Health Benefits

The practice of Tai Chi Chuan is said to have health benefits. While I am not into teaching Tai Chi solely as a health art, nevertheless, it can address the following observations I have made of older folks :-

a) Diminished sense of balance

A diminished sense of balance brings with it an increase in the risk of falling. Among old folks a fall can result in hip or arm fractures.

b) Weakened leg strength

Weakened leg strength makes walking difficult particularly climbing stairs. In Singapore sometimes the only way to safely cross a road is by using an overhead bridge or walking further to a pedestrian crossing.

If the pedestrian crossing is too far and the choice is between jay walking and climbing an overhead bridge most old folks would go for the former and risk getting hit by vehicles. But you can’t blame them if climbing an overhead bridge takes too much effort for weaker legs.

c) Slouched posture

I noticed that old folks who are active in sports still have good, straight posture. A slight slouch is typical among old folks and in some the spine is weakened to the point where they have to bend forward.


When you are older you owe it to yourself to take care of your body. Take up an exercise that helps you to maintain a healthy body into old age. For me this would be Tai Chi because not only do I get to exercise my body but also my mind.


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