Finding Zen in Singapore

Saw this article entitled Five Places to Find Zen in Singapore.

These five places are not near where I live so does this mean if I want to find Zen I have to travel a long way to find it? Whatever happened to finding Zen within yourself?

If you can find Zen in yourself you have it all the time. There is no need to travel to another place to find it.

Also, have you thought what would happen once other readers read this article? Yes, they too would travel there to find peace and quiet only to arrive to find others have the same idea and with some many people converging there the place is no longer peaceful or quiet.

So if you want Zen try finding it in yourself. One of the easiest way to do this is to practice Tai Chi. Why is this so?

The practice of Tai Chi involves getting the mind to control the body. You can’t do this if your mind is distracted and busy with other thoughts. By following the instructions you can train your mind to focus. Once you can focus you will slowly immerse yourself in the experience to the point where your mind can quiet down and that’s when you find Zen.


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