In playing the Push Hands Game we do lots and lots of circling. However, to have a meaningful practice we must circle with a purpose.

One habit that come with students who have previous Tai Chi experience is the propensity to circle without an aim. When they do it they actually make it easy for another player who has a game plan to maneuver them into a corner from which it is difficult to escape without compromising one’s posture, consequently losing balance and position, exposing one to attack.

Aside from purposely circling one should also have functional structure. Nowadays talk about structure is all the buzz. However, when one is under pressure structure becomes a cliche. This is when one finds out that the much touted strong structure is actually a death trap causing one to be peeled open easily like an onion.

Thus, an important point to observed when circling is to maintain functional structure using the 5-count principle. This will minimize exposure to strong attacks by maintaining a holistic, unified mind and body far longer than when one insists on holding a strong structure. This is an important key to Master Tai Chi Today.


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