Tai Chi Secret in a Martini

Saw this first on Yahoo today. Found the video later on Youtube :-


A longer video can be viewed here.

Nice video that is not only mesmerizing but a vivid illustration of an important principle of Tai Chi that relates to the use of strength and its issuance.

Go on, study the video. If you have been learning Tai Chi along certain lines you would have immediately realized the implications of this video because it is but a reflection of your own practice and accompanying insight.

If you didn’t get the point it is not the end of the world. Watch the video a few times. Reflect and ponder. Investigate further if you have to. You should eventually figure out what the video is illustrating. This is one of the principles I teach to students on the topic of fajing.

The key to Master Tai Chi Today lies in understanding natural phenomenons, including the behavior of liquid in a glass of vermouth.


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