For a while I felt like a magician who with a wave of mind can wrought magical wonders. But this was no magic.

I’m not a doctor but its a curious case. My student would stand still as if he was doing zhanzhuang as we were working on placement of the intention. Then his hands would start shaking a bit and graduate to a more intense shake. This was not the first time I have seen this happen to him.

Normally, the easiest thing to do is to let the hands shake until they stop. For once I decided to do something different. I just asked him to quickly focus on what I had a moment before told him to put his mind on. Interestingly, the hands stopped shaking.

He continued to hold the posture. Then something would trigger the shakes to come again. His focus would go to the hands. I asked him to quickly think of the various imagery again and the shaking stopped. This happened a few things.

After a few minutes more we did a check and test of his posture. The intention work has improved his fajing ability particularly the transition between neutralizing and issuing which had been forced as the timing was not refined due to him trying to do it intellectually rather than going with the qualia.

As long as he let it be his fajing timing was nice. The moment he tried to do it then the mistiming came back. It is a paradox in that he must do it without doing it. The process of Master Tai Chi Today can at times be intriguing, Zen-like in that you must experience it for yourself because words cannot describe it adequately.


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